Clarence Thomas: Biden “Has No Idea” What He’s Talking About (WATCH)

clarence thomas on joe biden

“One of the big things you do in hearings, you have to sit there and look intensively at people who have no idea what they are talking about.” Clarence Thomas on Joe Biden Joe Biden may be confused today in 2022, but Clarence Thomas believes Biden spoke nonsense over 30 years ago.  In 1991, President […]

WATCH: Hillary Calls Clarence Thomas Angry Black Man, Sotomayor Comes to His Defense

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took to CBS this morning to discuss the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v Wade. In a sit-down with Gayle King, Clinton said she went to law school with Justice Clarence Thomas and called him a “person of grievance.” Clinton claims Thomas, long a thorn in the side of far-left […]

Justice Clarence Thomas Delivers Potentially Detrimental Blow to Big Tech

“Chief” Justice Thomas, today, in Biden, President of the United States, et. al. v. Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, et. al. laid the foundation for a potential AT&T-style-Baby-Bell break-up for the social media tech-monopolies which have become the modern-day public square or disseminators of crucial information.  These tech companies have become the arbiters […]

Justice Clarence Thomas Destroys Anti-Free Speech Bigotry in a Decisive Decision

Supreme Court Justices throughout American history have, as Elon Musk once told Mark Zuckerberg, demonstrated a considerably “limited knowledge [regarding economics].” Justice Thomas, thankfully, finds refuge amongst the gold standards of justices. One seminal case establishing a demonstrable lack of economic knowledge by SCOTUS is Wickard v. Filburn (1942). This unanimous decision, coming after FDR […]

Justice Thomas on Election Ruling: ‘Public Deserved Better, Expected More.’

On Monday, February 22nd, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the legality of the 2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania in the matter of Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Degraffenreid.  Although the Court had refused to hear challenges to the legality and integrity of the election prior to the certification of […]

Geraldo Rivera Officially QUITS Fox On A Boat In Bizarre Video

Following months of numerous dust-ups with co-hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfield on the Fox News show “The Five,” longtime news correspondent and host Geraldo Rivera resigned from the channel. In announcing his departure, Rivera posted a bizarre resignation video while he was on his boat in the Jones Beach Inlet near Long Island, where […]

Suing the Federal Government, For Dummies

“Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion.” F. A. Hayek. Lo and behold, with the exposition of the Twitter Files by Elon Musk, it is yet another release of documents pertaining to how our government engaged in conduct whereby it flagrantly and blatantly violated the Constitution. Again. By doing so, it infringed […]

BREAKING: BIG Shakeup at SCOTUS Thursday PLUS Biden Supports Filibuster Changes

Thursday, liberal Justice Stephen Breyer is officially calling it quits at the Supreme Court. Immediately, now-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson will be sworn in as an associate justice to the Court, becoming the first Black woman to serve. Brown Jackson, a hardcore liberal jurist, will give the more progressive wing of the left someone to cheer […]