WATCH: Project Veritas Staff ATTACKED By Pfizer Director EXPOSED In Undercover Clip

Project Veritas released stunning footage Thursday showing the interaction between the organization’s president, James O’Keefe, and the Pfizer mRNA director who was caught on tape suggesting the company has considered ‘mutating’ COVID-19 in order to preemptively produce new vaccines and drive profits. The undercover video of the Pfizer executive, Jordon Trishton Walker, quickly went viral […]

NEW Project Veritas Clip: NY Nurses Reveal Botched Vaccinations On KIDS: “Some Got the Wrong [Mixture]”

project veritas recording of botched vaccines

Just moments ago, Project Veritas released new whistleblower recordings that show medical staff and supervisors admitting they may have used the wrong dilutant when giving the COVID vaccine to children. The recorded individuals confirmed the error “could cancel out [the protection of the vaccine] or have adverse effects.” The company administering the vaccines, DocGo, and its subsidiary, Ambulnz, […]

NEW: Project Veritas Exposé PROVES Fauci Lied Under Oath About Gain of Function Research in Wuhan (FULL CLIP)

A brand new Project Veritas clip has exposed documents suggesting that Dr. Anthony Fauci lied under oath to Congress when he insisted, time and time again, that he never authorized gain of function research. In fact, the very research his own agencies signed off on was deemed too dangerous by DARPA, a top-secret American entity […]

Project Veritas Exposes ANOTHER Pedo CNN Producer Fantasizing About Sexually Abusing Underage Girl (FULL VIDEO)

Just days after CNN fired producer John Griffin because of his child sex crimes, new allegations and texts show the network is harboring another pedophile amongst its ranks. A new Project Veritas clip exposes a producer who sent texts, photographs, and videos to the leaker, Janine Bonani, a case manager for human trafficking victims. She […]

NEW Project Veritas Clip Exposes RINO Candidate: “[Republicans] Should All Be Thrown in Prison” (FULL VIDEO)

Time and time again, conservatives across the country have been used by weak Republican candidates to get elected. On the campaign trail, we see one thing: an America First fighter. But in D.C., we see the reality of the candidates we donate to and vote for on election day… weak, spineless opponents of REAL conservative […]

VIDEOS: Project Veritas EXPOSES New Jersey Poll Workers; Other Footage Shows Faulty Machines

In all-too-unsurprising developments, Project Veritas and New Jersey citizens have posted clips to the internet showing election irregularities in the Garden State, known for its corruption and mismanagement. Incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy came out on top of underdog Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli in Tuesday’s election, but even as early as Wednesday, folks shared concerns […]

FULL CLIP: Project Veritas Just Exposed Pfizer AGAIN with Leaked Emails from Senior Officials

Project Veritas released ANOTHER exposé Wednesday night after previously hinting at an “especially shocking” release earlier in the day. Like the fourth undercover video released in this current vaccine series, the fifth featured a whistleblower from Pfizer. Throughout the last video, Pfizer scientists repeatedly admit that natural immunity is much stronger than the protection vaccines […]

JUST IN: New Project Veritas Clip Exposes Pfizer and Confirms What Many Americans Feared

Project Veritas has released a FOURTH COVID-19 vaccine exposé, this time releasing a video featuring undercover footage from scientists at Pfizer. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, has administered the third-most vaccine doses in the world. Throughout the clips, Pfizer scientists repeatedly admit that natural immunity is much stronger than the protection vaccines reportedly bring. Here are […]

NEW Project Veritas Exposé Shows J&J Employees Explaining Why They REFUSED Company’s Jab

The third installment of Project Veritas’ latest undercover drop was released earlier today by James O’Keefe, first via email. The group released two parts of footage last week, opening eyes to the COVID-19 vaccination’s dangerous potential, telling cautionary tales at the same time. In part one, we saw a brave whistleblower tell her vaccine-resistant colleague’s […]

FB, IG, and Twitter ALL Blocked Project Veritas’ BOMBSHELL Clips. Watch BOTH Here.

In a series of two new long-awaited Project Veritas videos, James O’Keefe did it again. Social media has fought to delete these clips, but we have both in this article. In Part 1, the brave whistleblower willing to speak out to the guerilla journalist is Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse. O’Malley, an employee at the […]