Abortion Clinic Severely Injures Mother After Aborting Her 33-Week-Old Baby


By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

Operation Rescue recently obtained records of a 911 call made at the Boulder Abortion Clinic on April 2, 2019. The 911 exchange was then bypassed and the American Medical Response team was contacted directly to request emergency medical care for a 18-year-old girl. She was 33 weeks pregnant.

The girl was suffering from high blood pressure and had a condition known as pre-eclampsia. As the Mayo Clinic explains, pre-eclampsia is “a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys.” It is a dangerous condition, and left untreated, it can result in the patient suffering from seizures.

The girl was transported to a nearby Boulder Community Hospital. The clinic’s owner, Warren Hern, explained how abortions taking place after 26 weeks typically take four days, and how late-term abortions are “a far more dangerous procedure [that] carries with it serious risks of complication.”

Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman, explained the reason a teen girl would risk such a procedure tends to be for reasons other than fetal anomaly.

“We have evidence that teens seek late-term abortions because of denial, fear of others finding out, or even not wanting to miss out on a special event.”

The process behind a late-term abortion involves injecting the baby with Digoxin to induce cardiac arrest. The cervix is then widened with laminaria to prepare the mother for delivery. Once labor has been induced, the baby will either be dismembered and removed, or born intact but deceased.

In the case of this teen girl who underwent an late-term abortion, she began to suffer from pre-eclampsia during the beginning of her abortion procedure. It is possible that in her condition, a C-section might have been necessary.

The Boulder Abortion Clinic is one of six facilities in the US that performs abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

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