JUST IN: July VAERS Data Show Spiking Post-Vax Complications and Deaths

Last month, we reported that post-vaccine deaths had outweighed COVID-19 deaths for two consecutive weeks, according to VAERS and the CDC. Now, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has reported their new data for the month of July’s final week. The data show some staggering figures. Deaths are up 5% on the week-to-week scale, as […]

WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza Drops BOMBSHELL News About Jailed Capitol Protestors

Capitol protestors detained regarding the incidents of January 6th are being abused and treated poorly in D.C. corrections, according to multiple reports. In some cases, prisoners are being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day. Friday, conservative figure and author Dinesh D’Souza joined Buck Sexton on The First to give the latest on […]

NEW Evidence Suggests Vaccines Could INCREASE the Spread of the China Virus

New evidence suggests the COVID-19 vaccinations being lauded as ‘life-saving’ could potentially worsen the virus’ spread. Before deleting it from an article, USA Today referenced an NBC News report that vaccinated individuals have a HIGHER level of the COVID-19 virus. The USA Today PREVIOUSLY reported the following before deleting the reference to NBC’s report: “NBC […]

Trump Releases FIERY Statement on Pelosi’s Partisan January 6 Commission

Former President Donald J. Trump has issued a new statement regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Capitol protest commission, which begins today, Tuesday, July 27th. “Nancy Pelosi is spending a great deal of time, effort, and money on the formulation of a Fake and highly partisan January 6 Committee to ask, ‘what happened?’” Trump […]

THIS Superstar is Considering RETIREMENT Due to the NFL’s Forced Vaccine Policy

All-pro NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins took to Twitter to share his concerns about the league’s newly-updated COVID-19 vaccination policy. The league recently announced that players who are not vaccinated will be subject to forfeitures and other penalties. Many players have voiced dissatisfaction with the league’s edict, claiming vaccination was initially pitched as a choice. […]

JUST IN: Trump WILL RUN in 2024!? Here’s What He’s Telling Close Friends

Donald J. Trump is aiming to run once again in 2024 for President, according to a new report first leaked by the Rolling Stone: “Trump has told at least three people he’s dined with in recent months that he plans to run in 2024, a former senior official at the Republican National Committee tells Rolling Stone.” […]

WATCH: 23-Year-Old Former Trump Spokeswoman Announces Run for Congress in Viral Video

23-year-old Karoline Leavitt announced Tuesday her campaign for Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional district. Leavitt had served as Representative Elise Stefanik’s spokesperson prior to announcing her ambitious campaign. Leavitt, an assistant Press Secretary in the Trump administration, was born and raised in New Hampshire. Her parents launched and grew multiple successful small businesses, where […]