COVID-19 ‘RELIEF’ BILL: Here’s Where Your Money is Really Going.

The White House’s website, which can be reached by typing into your favorite browser (no, really!) now has a page devoted to Joe Biden’s recently-signed $1.9 trillion stimulus bill.  The page doesn’t link to the text of the bill (it’s better for Biden if Americans don’t read it) but it can be found by […]

Three Historical Lies about Christians and Conservatives

Advent, the season in which Christians prepare for Christmas, is in full swing.  Holiday greetings ring out, families prepare to visit loved ones, and church bells are calling the faithful to remember the birth of Christ over 2,000 years ago.  With those joyful thoughts in mind, let’s discuss three prominent media lies about Christian history. […]

Election 2020: Understanding the Law, Courts, and Judges

Because the results of several 2020 U.S. elections are in dispute, most notably the presidential election, state and federal courts are being asked to rule on a wide variety of legal issues.  The legal process, however, can be difficult to understand.  We at the Rogue Review hope the following will provide some clarity. The questions […]

God is a Republican

“God does not have a political party,” proclaimed popular presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in 2019.  “Jesus isn’t interested in America’s two-party division,” stated the liberal Washington Post the same year.  Naturally, a month after his first statement, Buttigieg said if God did have a party it wouldn’t “be the one that sent [President Trump] into […]