Former Leader of US Communist Party to Speak at Oregon State University’s MLK Jr. Celebration


Oregon State University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration is about to celebrate its 39th anniversary with a very unusual keynote speaker. Angela Davis, the former leader of the United States Communist Party and former Black Panther, will be addressing the crowd.

According to Campus Reform, Davis was formerly on the FBI’s most-wanted list, and has described herself as a “communist, evolutionist, internationalist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist, black, queer, activist, pro-working class, revolutionary, intellectual, community builder.”

Angela Davis left the Communist Party in 1991, but she has not distanced from her Communist ideals. In 2020, Davis described herself as a Communist during a “Black Queer Townhall.” She has also done numerous college tours, and has spoken at notable American universities such as Harvard, Michigan, and UCLA about the “benefits of Communism.”

Oregon State has refused to comment about Davis’s inclusion in the MLK Day Celebration.

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