WATCH: Dr. Peter McCullough’s 5 Keys to Fighting the Virus AND Tyranny (FULL SPEECH)

Back in December, Dr. Peter McCullough spoke at the ReAwaken America tour to share how Americans can stay safe from COVID-19 and government tyranny at the same time. McCullough is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology. He cares for advanced patients with common medical problems including heart and kidney disease, lipid […]

HOLCOMB: The Pandemic Amnesty They Won’t Get

About a month ago The Atlantic ran a column calling for our society to declare, what the writer called, a “pandemic amnesty.” In essence, saying that forgiving and forgetting what society did not know of the COVID pandemic for the last two and a half years and everything that was done during that time ought […]

CDC Turns Blind Eye to Data to Push Vaccines on Pregnant Mothers and Babies

Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is lying to pregnant women and new mothers, assuring them that the dangerous Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective; nay, almost necessary.  The CDC is urging pregnant women and new mothers to get vaccinated, while ignoring all kinds of data on […]

NIH Gave Grant to Study How ‘Protein-RNA Interactions’ Promote Cancer, Fibrosis

Column | Washington’s Bayonette Exclusive: A Florida State University researcher received a “prestigious National Institutes of Health [NIH] grant” in Oct. 2021 to study how “protein-RNA interactions” can promote “fibrosis and cancers.”  This is less than a year after the roll-out of the dangerous mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, which the NIH is even up to this day […]

BREAKING: Rumble Offers Joe Rogan MASSIVE Deal to Leave Spotify

A left-wing Twitter-led witchhunt of the world’s top podcaster Joe Rogan has spurred the CEO of Rumble, a censorship-free platform, to offer Rogan a massive four-year deal to leave Spotify and join them. The podcast legend and pioneer Rogan, who has built an unprecedented audience that beats out MSNBC and CNN’s primetime slots combined, has […]

Spotify Boots Neil Young Off Their Platform After He Demanded They Silence Joe Rogan (DETAILS)

joe rogan pictured with neil young

Canadian-American musician Neil Young recently penned a letter to Spotify demanding that they chose either him or podcast host Joe Rogan, saying “they can’t have both.” The “Heart of Gold” singer is one of several people boycotting streaming service Spotify over Joe Rogan’s covid stances.  The now-deleted letter was posted to Young’s social media pages. […]

TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE: EU Regulators Warn Frequent Booster Jabs Weaken the Immune System

In December, Israeli scientists warned the world that frequent booster shows would negatively affect the immune system, causing a sort of “immune fatigue” that would slow down and eventually weaken individuals’ systems. Also in December, a New York Times report featured similar findings from scientists reluctant to tell the truth. And now, European Union regulators […]