JOURNALIST: Jill Biden Reportedly Told Kamala to ‘Go F*** Herself’

First Lady Jill Biden defended her husband and shamed Vice President Kamala Harris, during a phone call with supporters following a heated presidential debate, according to a new book. Journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere released details of the call in his book Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump. During a debate in […]

SATIRE: Texas Finishes Northern Border Wall, Thwarts FBI, Kamala

Texas announced earlier today that it had completed the previously unfinished portion of the border wall. “We’re proud to have taken this vital step towards ensuring the safety of Texans,” the governor’s office said in a statement. Prior to completion, a steady stream of refugees had flooded the state’s northern border. “We feel great concern […]

WHERE IS THE VP? 2 Weeks After Border Crisis Assignment, Kamala is Still M.I.A.

Two weeks after first being named the Biden administration’s lead on the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris is still missing in action. The administration has been extremely quiet on border efforts lately, even as the situation has been a crisis since soon after President Joe Biden’s swearing-in back in January. VP Harris continues to […]

REPORT: MIA at the Border, Kamala is Frustrated with Ongoing Mansion Renovations

CNN has reported that Vice President Kamala Harris, recently put in charge of the border crisis by President Biden, is frustrated with ongoing mansion renovations in DC. Many have wondered where the Vice President was, as she refuses to comment on the humanitarian national security crisis at the Mexico border. It has now become clearer […]

OPINION: Kamala Harris is a threat to democracy

Last Monday at a CNN town hall, Kamala Harris embraced her role as a radical progressive. Basically, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate used the radical Democratic playbook. She expressed her willingness to eliminate private insurance, implement universal health care, and abolish the Second Amendment. Luckily, Harris’s political positions are highly unpopular. Although many Americans — […]