WATCH: Biden Struggles to Put On Jacket and Sunglasses for 40 Seconds

Everyone has had the experience of struggling to get an arm through a sleeve. But in a video shared to Twitter Monday, President Joe Biden fumbled around with his jacket and sunglasses for nearly a full minute after getting off of Marine One, taking the meaning of “struggle” to another level. WATCH: At 79, Joe […]

Trump Trolls Biden at LIV Golf Tourney

45th President Donald Trump took some time to greet fans and troll Joe Biden at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, which is hosting the LIV Golf League. LIV is the PGA Tour’s new Saudi-backed rival. After hearing roaring applause, chants of “Four More Years,” and teeing off with some of golf’s top players, […]

Americans Can’t Believe What Biden Just Said About the Economy

biden says there will be no recession

Americans of all stripes were shocked on Monday when President Biden rejected the possibility of a recession – even amidst devastating economic news.  Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden how worried Americans should be about a looming recession.  “Mr. President, we’re getting GDP numbers on Thursday. How worried should Americans be that we are […]

Faux Trump Response to Biden’s COVID-19 Diagnosis: “No One Wants Kamala!”

A fake press release from 45th President Donald Trump surfaced regarding President Joe Biden’s diagnosis of coronavirus, giving Twitter users a laugh. In his familiar style, the faked statement from Trump wishes Biden a speedy recovery, adding that Kamala Harris would be an even graver danger for America should the sitting POTUS become more incapacitated […]

WATCH: Biden Announces He “Has Cancer,” White House Responds

biden says he has cancer

President Joe Biden may have either made another teleprompter gaffe or accidentally announced his current health condition.  During a Wednesday climate change speech, Biden had a peculiar way of phrasing a story; making it sound as if he currently has cancer.  “…my mother drove us and rather than us be able [sic] to walk. And […]

VIDEO: Did Joe Biden Just Try to Shake Hands With NO ONE?

joe biden shaking hands with nobody on stage in jerusalem

Joe Biden made a gesture that appeared as if he shook hands with a ghost after a recent speech in Israel.  The president of the United States finished delivering an address before an audience in Israel when he turned to his right and placed his hand in a handshake-like motion. Another man on stage directed […]

18 Times Joe Biden Forgot a Name (VIDEO)

biden frowing at camera; announcing ministry of truth

United States President Joe Biden has made a career out of political blunders and incoherent gaffes, especially since running for President in 2020. Biden, now 79, is obviously ailing, and even most Democrats want him gone in 2024 according to a recent New York Times poll. It’s gotten so bad that even foreign reporters are […]

THIS Left-Wing Poll Just ENDED Biden’s Re-Election Hopes

joe biden ponders record breaking inflation in june 2021

In a surprising article from the New York Times, the paper has released new poll results showing Biden struggling mightily – even among his party’s most ardent supporters. According to the poll, nearly two thirds of Democrats would rather another candidate run for the party’s Presidential nomination in 2024. Just 24% of respondents said they […]

WATCH: Biden’s EMBARRASSING Teleprompter Gaffe

biden teleprompter mistake

President Joe Biden made a massive teleprompter mistake Friday afternoon.  In an “expanding abortion rights” speech, Biden read teleprompter instructions out loud rather than using them to guide his speech. “It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men […]

BREAKING: BIG Shakeup at SCOTUS Thursday PLUS Biden Supports Filibuster Changes

Thursday, liberal Justice Stephen Breyer is officially calling it quits at the Supreme Court. Immediately, now-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson will be sworn in as an associate justice to the Court, becoming the first Black woman to serve. Brown Jackson, a hardcore liberal jurist, will give the more progressive wing of the left someone to cheer […]