Pelosi’s Husband Arrested for DUI in Napa

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Napa, California – Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, was pulled over in Napa shortly before midnight Saturday and arrested for driving drunk. The 82-year-old businessman and insider trading enthusiast was booked on two misdemeanor counts with bail set at $5,000, according to TMZ. TMZ reported: Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was arrested this weekend […]

WATCH: Pelosi Recites Bizarre Poem About Ukraine

In a creepy, weird, court jester-like fashion, Nancy Pelosi recited a poem that was sent to her by Bono, U2’s lead vocalist, in support of Ukraine and (apparently?) commemorating St. Patrick’s Day. Pelosi’s delivery of the poem, which compares Ireland’s sorrow to Ukraine’s, was so bizarre and inauthentic that even left-wing outlets are calling it […]

Democrat Relief Package Loaded With Leftist Priorities, House Resolution Helps House Dems

The United States Congress continues its partisanship during the coronavirus epidemic. Recently, House Democrats approved another coronavirus relief bill. H.R. 6800, named The HEROES Act, is a $3 trillion bill that includes many leftist priorities. For example, there is a mail-in voting provision that does not require any voter ID. Democrats claim that this method […]

Despite Democrats’ Partisan Games, Senate Reaches New Deal

During this coronavirus epidemic, Americans are looking for a stable and helpful government. Not surprisingly, Congress is failing them. The United States Senate has failed twice to pass a coronavirus relief package. On Sunday, Senate Democrats voted against the relief package. Five GOP Senators including Rand Paul and Mike Lee could not vote as they […]