The Talk of Tyrants: “It’s not about your rights, it’s about your responsibilities” — Joe Biden


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“It’s not about your rights, it’s about your responsibilities as an American” – Joe Biden, August 13th, 2020. 

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday.

It is good to be back. I hope everyone had a wonderful past two weeks, we will make up for lost time, don’t worry. Started my last year of law school, this year is going to be a great one. Already has been. Bankruptcy, M&A, Corporate Tax, and a few other classes with compelling and riveting reading material. Thick tombs of knowledge. My apartment smells of leather-bound books and… 

Anyway, speaking of bankruptcy, for a sitting Senator and Congresswoman who rail, rally, and ride against capitalism, they sure didn’t mind charging me around $500 for their book on bankruptcy law. It is, by far, the most expensive book I have purchased in the last three years.

Huh. Ironic. Thanks Warren/Porter. Also, it is always a wonderful feeling taking on another massive unsecured note from Uncle Sam to the tune of $85,000, which is funded by…taxes and paid with 7% variable interest rate. Not worried, however, do not assume risks you cannot afford

Interesting system of funding federal loans we have following the passage of the Higher education Act of 1965: tax the older and more well off, loan it to the young and broke, charge interest to make a profit. Repeat. Quasi-Ponzi scheme if you ask me because socialism doesn’t have a profit motive. What a great system we have going on here in the United States when it comes to higher education. Real top-notch stuff. And people what government to control more of our lives? Interesting. 

I digress. Our topic of discussion for today isn’t the flaws or corrections which could, easily, be made to fix higher education, bring down prices of tuition, and the costs of college. However, maybe I will knock out a column on that down the road.

Our topic of discussion for today is the Talk of Tyrants. No, Joe Biden is not a tyrant. He just sounds like one. It’s hard to be a tyrant when you don’t have any power. Tyranny is nothing new. It is in human nature, there is evil in the world. Some men just want to watch the world burn. 

The problem with talking like a tyrant, is that it lends credence and evidence to the assertions and assumptions that, quite possibly, someone may be a tyrant…? I know, I know, it is small stretch to go from quacks like a duck to walks like a duck, however, that does not mean it cannot be done. 

The problem with tyrants is they are sort of like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back. Except, Tyrants say whatever they need to say to the public and…well, execute them for talking back. Tyrants do not have morals, convictions, or principles. They are a feather in the wind, blowing wherever the wind takes it, and doing whatever its master tells it. The feather isn’t in control, the wind is.

These are not qualities you want in a leader. There is a difference between having new evidence, facts, and data come to light which may change the circumstances on the ground. Continually analyzing such matters and then changing a belief is, well, healthy, and what normal, smart people do. However, there are certain things which ground cannot be ceded when it comes to it. One of those, for me at least, is: life. Some things are fundamental, foundational, and inherent. 

For argument’s sake, if I were running for President of the United States, and I had spent my whole life supporting the Hyde Amendment, I would not change my stance on it. Why? The Hyde Amendment bans federal funds for abortions. I am pro-life. Ipso facto, there’s not a deal on the table you could present to me that would make me reverse my support for something which is a foundational principle to my perception on life and my belief system. Thus, my actions should match my beliefs. Not operating in a state of cognitive dissonance, essentially, such as the democrats do.

Jobless Joe Biden though? Well, all it took was a little twitter mob and some mean words to him and, boom—reversed his “principles.” Or maybe the Democrat Establishment pulling his strings—who even knows at this point. It is going to be interesting for the debates coming up, Joe is going to have to come up with his own words. We should, however, come up with a drinking game for the debates. 

Joe Biden reversed four decades of support for a position which should be something, according to his purported faith, in-line with his value system and something he should vigorously support until his last breath, sort of how a President is to unwaveringly defend and protect the Constitution and the American people. You could corner me with wolves, but I’m not like Joe. I have a spine. So does our President.

If a twitter mob can quickly convince Biden out of what should be a deeply held conviction to which he should not cave from due to being “catholic,” how the hell is he going to do across from the table from Communist Party of China’s Communist-Dictator-For-Life Xi “Whinnie the Pooh” Jinping? Joe is the last person to have negotiated with a Communist Tyrant. At least Kamala was a prosecutor. 

We already saw what twenty-four years of Clinton, Obama and Bush allowed China to get away with. A Biden presidency would be much of the same as those three, if not worse: endless wars, stagnant economic growth, and being in bed with the commies. You may not like the man, but at least Trump does not cause new wars, knows how to run a booming economy, and well, is not in bed with the commies. That is one of the more important parts of his presidency and potentially, in time, a vital move which tipped the global hegemonic power-scale back in our favor. I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with Communists and them rising to global power rivaling that of the United States. There is just something about it that does not quite sit right with me. Must be something regarding my deep disdain for detrimental tyrants. 

Moreover, The New York Times, The Washington Post, et. al., do a fantastic enough job already for the CPC carrying water for them and covering for their atrocious human rights record. NYT has a history of that, though. Not a very bright or good history to be proud of. 

And, by the way, that CNN chyron earlier last week, “fiery, but mostly peaceful.” I can see it now, “21st Century Tiananmen Square Massacre, but mostly peaceful. CPC Confirms.” 

The Talk of Tyrants is something we see and hear all around us every day. Tyrants do not have to be people in power, at least de jure power.  De Facto works well, and sometimes, is typically where the real power is. We have seen the cancel culture all around us. Biden does not have to be a tyrant, yet, his Black Shirts are doing it for him. And even Biden’s Camp and Staffers have been donating to funds which are set up to help “mostly peaceful” rioters, er.. protestors, post bond and get out of jail. Remember, Obama said they have to “give it all they got” many weeks ago and boy have they not let him down. Portland has been under siege of riots and “protests” for more than 80 days.

Yesterday, I went down to the beach. There we’re Trump Pop Up Tents selling campaign gear and a peaceful “protest” nearby, if we want to call it that. It was more of a rally, seeing as the people there were trying to promote the message of countering human trafficking. That is a topic, as we all very well know, does not seem to be an item people would protest…unless you are on the other side of that debate. I met the organizers, gave them my business card, sent them the Act, and this. Really sweet and nice people, I look forward to their next one in October. I’ll keep you guys updated. 

Back to tyrants, Joe Biden et. al., up until very recently, were vocal supporters of these “mostly peaceful” protests since they started with the murder of George Floyd. For the last, at least, eighty or so days, while Portland and its citizens have been being terrorized by ANTIFA and Crew. The hyperlink is to @FromKalen on twitter who has, quite literally, been on the front lines following these “protests” and capturing it on film. 

We have all seen the photos. We have all seen the videos, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. One of our presidential candidates has been offering endless support and help to the people of all of these cities which have been under riots and protests, the other is Joe Biden, who just sort of, kind of, but not really, recently condemned the violence and protests.

Moreover, some democratic governors and mayors are roundly, virtuously, and outright denying federal aid, and ignoring the very easy and quick call to the National Guard, all while the people who elected them to keep them protected are unable to exercise their inherent and inalienable rights. These are the kinds of moments and events that happen in a Nation’s history where people should not forget how those in de jure power responded and treated Americans in times of crises. 

In sixty-three days, Americans will be heading to the polls (if you can protest in person NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING to protest for universal mail in ballots, you can go to the polls) to make a very important decision. For those who want to make this election about Trump’s character, take a look at who has been offering help to Americans in these cities under constant protest and violence, like Chicago—and then Biden whose campaign staffers have been donating to bailouts for the rioters and ANTIFA terrorists. You don’t get arrested to peacefully protest, let’s not forget that. 

And, while we’re at it, which party has been condemning the violence since the beginning—and which one has been supporting the desecration of our historic and beautiful American cities, intimidation of American citizens, and the destruction of the private property of Americans. Americans who had literally nothing to do with why people are “protesting.” 

With all of this in mind, Law and Order sounds like a strong and a successful campaign strategy and policy to run on. Only one part is seriously offering Law and Order. Not just Domestic Law and Order, but Foreign, which means peace, not wars. A future with an ever-growing hostile Communist Party of China is incongruent with a future that wants long lasting global peace and prosperity. 

We are the Shining City Upon the Hill. A beacon for Hope and Prosperity. China is the opposite, they are tyrants. Let’s not elect our own politicians who are already talking like tyrants. One day, they very well might walk like tyrants, too. By then, it might be too late. 

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