Uber Driver Saves Woman from Abortion Facility


By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

On Tuesday, April 2, volunteers for Cities4Life were praying outside an abortion clinic for the unborn and their mothers when they had a fateful encounter with a man outside the clinic. The man was an Uber driver, and he was surprised that he had taken his female client to an abortion clinic. He told the Cities4Life volunteers that he did not know taking his passenger to her destination would result in the death of her unborn child.

“He had to leave for his next client who was waiting for him. He was a Christian, and felt abortion was wrong. He was almost in tears over having brought her to this place. He said he had even offered her $500 if only she would not abort, but she had refused.”

The Uber driver was urged by the volunteers of Cities4Life to try speaking with the woman again, and the volunteers stressed how his actions could “maybe save a life.” Then the man called his next client and canceled, and with a “resolute expression on his face” he walked into the abortion center. Outside, the Cities4Life volunteers continued to pray, but this time, they prayed the man was successful in saving the woman and her baby.

“We all prayed. Up and down the sidewalk, our team prayed for the battle raging for that child’s life. The cold, wet snow and sleet laid a frozen blanket on us.”

When the Uber driver returned, his “arm entwined with the woman’s arm,” the Cities4Life volunteers pledged to help the woman. Though they never learned the man’s name, the volunteers recognized the call from God the Uber Driver had answered.

“The Uber driver was an ordinary man, earning his livelihood as best he could…Because he heeded the call, a baby was saved from death, and a young lady was saved from the lifelong repercussions of a choice to destroy her own child.”

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