3 Ways You Can Battle Big Tech Censorship in Less than 5 Minutes

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Big Tech is trying to shut down Rogue Review

Google and Instagram are trying to shut down our publication at the same time.

In March of 2021, Instagram utilized the (much-denied) tactic of “shadow banning” ALL social media accounts associated with Rogue Review – preventing us from reaching over 95% of our loyal audience.

In the exact same week, Google stripped the ability of Rogue Review from being able to run ads on our website; the income keeping our publication afloat.

Big Tech does NOT want the American people to read our articles and stories.

Right now, the Left is winning.

The good news? There are practical ways to fight back against the stranglehold of Big Tech.

3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW

1. Get on our direct mailing list

Direct email gives us the ability to send emails to you without having to use Instagram or Facebook. 

2. Follow alternative social media accounts

We expect Big Tech to bring more crackdowns on free speech as we get closer to the 2022 midterms in the U.S. By following Rogue Review on alternative social media platforms, this gives us the ability to communicate to you when Big Tech wants to silence the voices of conservative Americans. 

3. Sign a Big Tech petition

Help us get to 20,000 signatures on a petition to get Republicans to take action on Big Tech censorship.

Only you can help us stand up to Big Tech.