WATCH: Biden Trips And FACE PLANTS As Audience GASPS In Shock At Air Force Graduation


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Thursday, President Joe Biden took an unfortunate fall at the 2023 Air Force graduation ceremony, where he was giving a speech.

In the shocking video, Biden can be seen turning to exit the stage before he trips and eventually meets the floor. The brittle president was then helped back to his feet by multiple Secret Service agents.

The crowd in attendance was audibly shaken by POTUS’ spill.


The stunning footage comes just weeks after Biden nearly took a devastating spill while at the G7 Summit in Japan. Watch that video here.

WATCH: Biden Almost FACE PLANTS At G7, Looks Totally Lost As Chaperone Guides Him To Other Leaders

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  1. They say that Trump can be POTUS in a jail cell. I wonder if they think Biden can do it from the nursing home he should be in.

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