WATCH: Bus of Texas Illegals Arrives in DC

As illegal immigrants flood America’s Southern border freely, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is deploying a unique strategy to deal with his state’s influx. The governor is sending illegals from Texas to Washington D.C. via charter buses. Wednesday, the first bus of Texas’ illegal immigrants arrived just paces away from the Capitol building. Fox News reports: A […]

Cawthorn: ‘DC Elites Invited Me to Orgies’

madison cawthorn giving explanation on stage

On a podcast recently, Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) said that he has been invited to “sexual get together” by politicians he “once looked up to:” “ look at a lot of these people and you know, a lot of them that I, you know, that I looked up to through my life. I’ve always paid […]

DMV Couple Tried to Sell Nuclear Secrets to Brazil

dmv couple nuclear secrets brazil

Jonathan Toebbe and his vehemently anti-Trump wife, Diana, are facing a sentence of 20 years in prison combined for conspiring to sell U.S. nuclear secrets to a foreign country. Toebbe is a disgraced Navy nuclear engineer. The story was first reported with less information in October, but now, the foreign power involved has been revealed […]