Biden Swaps Russian Arms Dealer for WNBA Player, Leaves Marine Behind

Thursday morning, President Joe Biden announced the administration has successfully swapped Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, nicknamed the ‘Merchant of Death,’ for American WNBA basketball player, Brittney Griner. Griner, an outspoken critic of America and its national anthem, is now back in the states after a 10-month stint in a Russian penal colony after being […]

WATCH: Stefanik SLAMS Partisan J6 Committee

Thursday, the partisan House January 6 committee held its first “primetime” hearing on the events at the Capitol in January 2021. During the sham committee’s hearing, nothing new was uncovered, except for some speculation from Liz Cheney that President Trump “may be” guilty of federal crimes. The propaganda committee breaks nearly 200 years of precedent […]

BREAKING: House Passes Far-Left Gun Bill

Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved its sweeping gun control bill that bans high-capacity magazines and raises the age to purchase an ‘assault rifle’ to 21. The gun legislation passed the House by a vote of 223-204. 5 Republicans voted “yea” – 2 Democrats voted “nay.” GOP Representatives Kinzinger (OH), Gonzalaz (OH), Fitzgerald (PA), Jacobs […]

CNN Anchor Brian Stelter SCHOOLED by College Freshman [FULL VIDEO]

freshman at university of chicago institute of politics destroys cnn anchor brian stelter with line of questioning

Christopher Phillips, a self-described first-year University of Chicago Institute of Politics student, blasted CNN anchor Brian Stelter with a line of questioning on news coverage, reporting ethics and the truthfulness of CNN as an outlet. Phillips said, “You’ve all spoken extensively about Fox News being a purveyor of disinformation, but CNN is right up there […]

THESE GOP Reps Voted to Remove Offensive Statues from DC

The House of Representatives has voted in favor of removing Confederate and ‘pro-slavery’ statues from the US Capitol. A bust of former US Chief Justice Roger Taney and statues of Jefferson Davis will be included in the removal. Taney is infamous for his decision in the Dred Scott v. Sandford Supreme Court case. At the […]