Abolitionist Leader Speaks Out on Illinois Reproductive Health Act


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By Marina Budzisz

As state after state signs abortion restrictions into law, Illinois is taking a different turn. Illinois state representatives have passed the Reproductive Health Act through the house and the bill is currently heading to the senate. This bill would repeal the state’s partial birth abortion ban and Illinois Abortion Act of 1975 and its provisions that called for spousal consent, waiting periods, criminal penalties for physicians who perform abortions and other restrictions on facilities where abortions are performed. The bill would make certain “the fundamental right” of a pregnant woman to have an abortion and l “a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights.” The bill passed 65-40 in the House with six democrats voting against and four voting present.

The bill is now heading to the senate where it will likely see smooth passage. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker applauds the bill, and he’s ready to sign it. Pritzker said, “As a lifelong advocate of a woman’s right to choose, I applaud the House for passing the Reproductive Healthcare Act and urge the Senate to take swift action on this critical piece of legislation.”

Mario Navarro, a leader in the abolitionist movement in Illinois and Director of Operation Save Chicago, has his own opinion on the bill:

“With the Reproductive Health Act here in Illinois, we have come to a crossroads as a state. It is our duty as Christians, and lesser Magistrates to turn the tides and ignore Roe, and treat it like the fictional law that it is. If the pro-abort movement will not show neutrality, we must not either. The time for Christians to make great sacrifices for the pre-born, our nation and our future is now!”

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