Abortionist Admits to Selling Fetal Body Parts During Center for Medical Progress Trial


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Planned Parenthood’s RICO case against David Daleiden, Troy Newman, Sandra Merrit, and other undercover journalists who investigated the abortion provider’s trafficking of aborted baby body parts has produced a noteworthy revelation. A witness informed Operation Rescue that an abortionist took the stand to testify about his discussion with the Center for Medical Progress investigators.

The abortionist was asked why he spoke with undercover journalists who were undercover as representatives from a fetal procurement company, and he replied, “We provide livers, kidneys and intestines.”

The abortionist also said, “We (PP) generate a large amount of medical waste.”

“Waste” refers to the bodies of aborted babies, and the abortionist’s testimony appears to confirm the content of the Center for Medical Progress’ videos. The footage obtained by journalists like Daleiden and Merrit revealed Planned Parenthood’s practice of treating aborted fetal parts like a valuable commodity to be sold to organ traffickers. While Planned Parenthood’s legal team fought to prevent the undercover videos from being presented during the trial, recent testimony has unveiled some disturbing revelations.

Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Sekulow is representing Newman, and he had this update to share in regards to the trial:

“The witness – a pro-life grandmother – testified that she participated in the undercover investigative videos to see if Planned Parenthood was engaging in criminal activity, profiting from the sale of aborted babies, altering abortion procedures, and committing partial-birth abortions. This is a very big deal. We know that Planned Parenthood kills over 330,000 unborn babies a year. It is an abortion behemoth. Now, the abortion giant plans to ‘double down on abortion.’ We can’t let it bury the truth.”

The trial is expected to last at least four more weeks, but it may last even longer. 

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