Ann Furedi Steps Down as Chief Executive of the UK’s Largest Abortion Provider


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Ann Furedi has retired from her role as the Chief Executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Services (BPAS), one of the largest abortion providers in the UK. Furedi has referred to her position as “the best job in the world.” 

Last year, BPAS committed over 70,000 abortions. 

Furedi has spent much of her career campaigning for reduced abortion restrictions. In a statement to the Guardian, Furedi said “the best abortion law would be a blank sheet of paper.” When she spoke at a BPAS ‘We Trust Women’ campaign, Furedi said “[she] would like to be very, very clear and blunt…there should be no legal upper limit.” 

In a tweet that followed the announcement of her resignation, Furedi made it clear to pro-lifers: “I’m not done yet…and there will be no softening of our stand with the next CEO. ‘Ball-breaking’ is in the job description!” 

Recently, abortion lobbyists attempted to hijack a Domestic Abuse Bill by filling it with pro-choice amendments. The effort was unsuccessful, but Furedi has encouraged women to continue lobbying for the complete ‘decriminalization’ of abortion. This would allow it for any reason and up to the point of birth. 

Alongside her claim that late-term abortions should be permitted, Furedi has argued that abortion should be seen as a form of “birth control.” Furedi has also advocated for women to be able to have sex-selective abortions. 

Elaborating on her pro-choice position, Furedi has said it is not a matter of “…when life begins, but when life begins to matter…” Her organization, BPAS, opposed life-saving plans that would allow coroners to hold inquests for stillbirths. BPAS feared this proposal would confer “a degree of fetal personhood.” 

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said of Furedi’s retirement: 

“While it is welcome news Ann Furedi is stepping down from her role as chief executive of BPAS, the organization’s work to end the lives of thousands of babies each year will continue.”

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