REVELLO: Wielding Bad Policy and a Tiebreaker Majority, Senate Dems Shouldn’t Block Debate

Too often politicians with majority power talk of bipartisanship as some glorious zenith to democratic ideals. But while they commit themselves to bipartisanship, they’re rarely interested in good-faith arguments and give-and-take. What they want instead is for the minority party to simply concede defeat and capitulate. This is a pattern that appears to be playing […]

REVELLO: After First Presser in Months, Biden Admin Should Take This Note from Trump

Sixty days into his presidency, Joe Biden finally held his first live press conference. The presser was largely full of the administration’s classically vanilla rhetoric. While he addressed the nation to mark the anniversary of the first coronavirus death, Biden has largely insulated himself from the public. That stands out for a couple of reasons. […]

REVELLO: Government’s Taxing Power is the Greatest Threat to the Private Sector

The purpose of limited government is to create a sphere where the actions of individuals, so long as they do not violate the rights of another, are beyond the immediate scrutiny of authority. The existence of this private sphere is particularly important to commerce. Business empires only emerge from garages when enterprising individuals have the […]

Biden’s Hypocritical Military Actions Undermine the Constitution, Sidestep Oversight

Following the declassification of an intelligence report that named Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally responsible for okaying the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken indicated that the Biden administration would not take steps to punish the Saudis. According to Blinken, the nation’s “relationship with Saudi Arabia […]