Bill Allowing for Unlimited Abortions in Maryland Withdrawn


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The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) exposed the content of a bill in Maryland that would have laid the groundwork for unlimited abortion on demand. Now withdrawn, Senate Bill 664, titled “Declaration of Rights – Right to Privacy,” sought to amend the state Constitution in order to “establish that each individual has a natural, essential, and inherent right to privacy that guarantees freedom from government intrusion.”

In their written testimony, the ACLJ noted that “under the proposed bill, Maryland’s constitution would be amended to include an unlimited and ‘inherent right to privacy.’” The group then pointed out how “‘Privacy’ is the same rubric under which the Supreme Court purported to find a constitutional right to abortion in Roe v. Wade.”

Other states – such as Alaska, California, and Florida – that have enshrined privacy as a constitutional right has led to the successful advocacy of a “right to abortion” based on this measure. Since the bill was introduced back in February, pro-life leaders in Maryland have been drawing attention to the pro-choice rhetoric buried within it. 

“Senate Bill 664, a proposed amendment to the Maryland Constitution, deceivingly entitled Declaration of Rights – Right To Privacy, and never including the word abortion, would enshrine abortion of babies in their mother’s womb through birth as a ‘constitutional right,’” Vincent Perticone, co-chair of Pro Life Carroll County, was critical of the bill. “Praying for God’s help, we are uncompromisingly coming up against this proposed barbaric, grisly, legal right.”

While the ACLJ has stated they are pleased with this temporary victory in Maryland, the group is still cautious about what similar pieces of legislation may be presented in the future.

“We will remain ever vigilant, and continue to make sure that the unborn have a voice.”

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