Brian Sims Prohibits Pro-Life Advocates From Entering His Office


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By Samantha Kamman

After Democratic state representative Brian Sims verbally harassed an elderly pro-life woman and three underage girls, hundreds of people gathered outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood to show their support for the pro-life movement. Despite the vocal stance he took against those peacefully praying outside the clinic by offering $100 for the private information of the teenage girls and the elderly woman he was verbally berating, Sims was nowhere to be seen at the pro-life rally. Instead, Sims is now prohibiting pro-life advocates from entering his office.

The leader of Americans United for Life, Catherine Glenn Foster, attempted to speak with the Philadelphia representative about his actions where he filmed himself harassing pro-lifers. However, Foster was turned away by Sims’ secretary. Foster also noticed that Sims’ office was manned by a security guard.

Foster said of the incident:

“It’s just shameful that a publicly-elected representative, guarded by the police, is attacking the citizens of this great state and isn’t even allowing his own constituents to come to meet with him.”  

Ashley Garecht, the mother of the teenage girls Sims’ threatened, has filed a police report. Garecht said how the incident was “an adult interacting with minors in an aggressive and an adult infringing on minors’ speech.” She did not realize Sims was a state representative until the videos went viral, and Garecht has requested that Sims apologize to her daughter and her friends for intimidating them. Sims has not responded.

The Philadelphia police and district attorney’s office have said they’re looking into the incident, as Sims’ actions may have violated consent and cyberbullying laws. The Metro Weekly reported that state lawmakers were critical of Sims’ behavior.

Read the report:

“There is no room for hate in any form in this chamber or in our own lives,” Majority Leader Bryan Cutler said in a speech on the House floor. “The people of Pennsylvania expect better from us, and we all promised to serve the people of our commonwealth to the best of each of our abilities.”

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