Brian Stelter OUT at CNN?


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According to Jon Nicosia, a former editor at major news outlets, liberal host Brian Stelter will be out at CNN within weeks, or even days.

Nicosia, well-connected in the industry, tweeted the news to followers citing an unnamed source. Nicosia’s source shared the following:

“He is everything that reminds the new owners of the Zucker era they desperately want to get past.”

According to Nicosia’s source, CNN is displeased with Stelter for sowing discontent within the ranks at the company, which is now under new ownership that has reportedly vowed to swing the network to the center politically.

The anonymous source tells Nicosia:

“Management is confident Stelter is the one sharing the internal pushback to fellow media reporters while simultaneously stirring discontent within the ranks.”

Stelter is not being pushed out at CNN just for his far-left views or his penchant for drama in the newsroom, however.

His show just saw its worst ratings since 2019, and the host has clearly abandoned any and all news reporting on the show, ironically named ‘Reliable Sources.’

All this follows news from April of CNN+ subscription service shutting down due to low subscriber numbers, a situation CNN Chris Licht called “uniquely sh*tty”.

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