Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Sue Biden for Racism

Adam Faust, a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer, is joining five other farmers in suing the Federal Government for what they allege violated their constitutional rights. Adam Faust, who is white, is the owner of Faust Farms which brings in large finances and benefits for his community. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic and volatile markets, Farmer […]

Single Dad in Buffalo, NY Adopts 5 Young Siblings to Keep Family Intact

Having adopted almost a dozen children and fostering more than 30, Lamont Thomas recently adopted five siblings so the children could remain together. Thomas is a single dad living in Buffalo, New York, and having fought for almost three years to adopt all five children, Thomas is happy to “make a difference by being a […]

WV’s Education System Isn’t Failing; Its State Government is.

By Jharad Lester, Contributor The West Virginia state Senate passed an education bill comprising a Republican amendment that would forbid any teacher strike from occurring on June 4, 2019, during a special legislative session. The recent education bill, known as the Student Success Act, passed in an 18-15 vote. The education reform bill includes language […]

OP-ED: The Lie of Charitable Democrats

By Ian Haworth, Opinion Contributor Several Democratic presidential candidates came under fire this week as they were pressured to answer why they haven’t donated more money to charity in recent years. Beto O’Rourke and his wife donated 0.3% of their combined income in 2017. Last year, Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband donated 5.5%, Senator […]

NFL DRAFT: Ranking Top Prospects 1-10

By Bates Crowther & Jake Ruppert 1. Nick Bosa – DE, Ohio State Unlike many top prospects in this year’s draft, Bosa is not a physical freak, but the 266-pounder is a polished edge rusher with a variety of pass rushing moves and counter moves. Nick is strikingly similar to his older brother, Chargers’ Joey […]

NHL PLAYOFFS: Matchup By Matchup Preview

By Mike Wynn, NHL Contributor Finally.  The long-awaited finish to the NHL regular season is here.  There’s nothing like it. Every shot matters. Every check is finished.  Legends are born in April, and it’s time to experience the annual journey that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Every year, I rise up to watch every game, […]

OP-ED: I Am Still Waiting to Talk About Antisemitism in the Democratic Party

By Ian Haworth, Contributor As a British Jew who is politically conservative and lives and works in the Left-leaning California Bay Area, I have become accustomed to my position as the political “odd-one-out”. If anything, it’s something I embrace, and I relish the opportunity to learn about opposing viewpoints, analyze my own political perspective alongside […]

OPINION: We Owe Natives Due Diligence In Teaching the Past

By Amanda Averill, Sr. Contributor I assume that most Americans are aware of the fact that our country was built on top of the land of Indigenous people, but, do we really acknowledge the truth behind the land on which we have been living? Personally, I feel as though our country as a whole has […]

COACHING CAROUSEL: Ranking NFL Offseason Hires

As NFL teams zero in on this year’s upcoming draft, we’ve gone back and taken a look at an exciting, and often daring, 2018-2019 coaching carousel. 8. Kliff Kingsbury: Arizona Cardinals Where did this one come from? This was by far the most surprising hire of the offseason; in fact, even Kingsbury himself was surprised, […]