Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Sue Biden for Racism


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Adam Faust, a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer, is joining five other farmers in suing the Federal Government for what they allege violated their constitutional rights.

Adam Faust, who is white, is the owner of Faust Farms which brings in large finances and benefits for his community. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic and volatile markets, Farmer Faust has also seen hardship in his business. Adam was born with Spina Bifida and his mobility is on the basis of two prosthetic legs. Daniel Lennington Deputy Counsel of Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WLUK) has swooped in to support these farmers in filing their lawsuit. The WLUK group alleges in their suit that the $4 Billion stimulus does not provide forgivable loans to white farmers and only to American Indian, Hispanic, Alaskan Native, Asian American, and Black farmers.

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The Department of Agriculture under Tom Vilsack has defended their American Rescue Package which considers funds for socially disadvantaged farmers justified. “We know for a fact, that socially disadvantaged producers were discriminated against by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we never absolutely debt with the cumulative effect.” Faust, however, calls this program “out and out racist, and I really don’t think that there should be racism allowed in the federal government at any level.”

The farmers that have brought the suit against the federal government on the fact that “Because plaintiffs are ineligible to even apply for the program solely due to their race, they have been denied the equal protection of the law and therefore suffered harm.” Criticism and anger is striking against the recently passed American Rescue Package under Biden’s Administration as being “racist and anti-white,” with programs that offer welfare funds and benefit programs to all races other than white Americans.

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  1. When I first heard about this new directive by administrator Biden, it was racism blatant racism. I am so grateful that you guys are standing up for your rights in the rights of others and challenging this new twist to the stimulus package. Our Farmers no matter what their racial background are providing food for everyone in the United States of America and more. It’s time that Biden is brought to his knees until he yells uncle! This is disgusting. I will pray that the farmers win and Biden learns a big lesson.

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