DELTA CLINIC: Yet Another Botched Abortion


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By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

Baton Rouge – Earlier this month, the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge was forced to call an ambulance for a woman after a botched abortion. Carried out of the facility via stretcher, the woman was transported to a nearby hospital. This is not the first time the Delta Clinic has placed women in danger.

In fact, the Delta Clinic has a lengthy history of violations. Patients Ingar Weber and Shelia Hebert both passed away following abortion procedures at Delta. Then, in 2017, the clinic failed a health inspection, with the report citing multiple violations, such as an insufficient quality assurance program, and 15 cases where the clinic failed to comply with abortion reporting laws.

The clinic also has ties to abortionist Kermit Gosnell, a serial killer who was convicted on three counts of murder in 2013. The owner of the Delta Clinic, Leroy T. Brinkley, was friends with Gosnell, and had hired him to work at his Atlantic Women’s Services abortion facilities. These facilities would later close in 2011 following Gosnell’s arrest.

Brinkley is also connected to Eileen O’Neill, as Brinkley employed her at one of his clinics before she had obtained a permanent medical license. O’Neill was later responsible for an abortion procedure that went awry, forcing one of her patients to undergo a hysterectomy. Continuing to pose as a physician, O’Neill would go on to work for Gosnell after being recommended by Brinkley, later being tried alongside him in 2013.

The Louisiana Right to Life has attempted to obtain 911 records of the most recent incident at Delta, but they have been blocked due to HIPAA concerns. While patient information should be redacted, Troy Newman of Operation Rescue believes reports like this one should be released to the public for safety reasons.

“Cities are misusing HIPAA as an excuse to cover up for these dangerous abortion clinics. This collusion with the abortionists is placing women’s lives at risk by denying them public information that could better inform their decisions.”

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