First Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell Since She Was Put in Prison Released


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A recent photo of Ghislaine Maxwell was released by her lawyer, this being the first picture of her since she was locked up last July.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer has released the story of what is happening to her in Jail. Her Lawyer explained that she has a black eye on her left eye, which she claims to have no clue how it got there. She claims that she noticed she had a black eye when she got a peak at herself via the reflection of her toe nail clippers.

Though once she saw her face, she did not report her injury to correctional officers because she did not want her current lock-down situation to get worse. Her lawyer stated that if she were to tell an officer about her eye, the jail would intensify the security and watch on her.

Though a Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) Officer did find the bruise on her, Ms. Maxwell claimed she did not know how she got the bruise during a staff confrontation. As of now, the MDC officers are threatening to place her in the SHU (Special Housing Unit), if she does not explain how she got the bruise.

The lawyer of Ghislaine Maxwell is using this story and picture to try to improve the situation for Ghislaine Maxwell before pre-trial lock up. As of now, he is trying to get Maxwell off on bail.

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