Former Planned Parenthood Facility Director and Whistleblower Returns to Clinic to Pray


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Mayra Rodriguez had been the facility director for Planned Parenthood of Arizona for 17 years before she was fired for attempting to report the abortion provider’s fraudulent and negligent activities to her supervisors. Rodriguez had observed multiple cases of botched abortions, employee abuse, falsifying patient reports, and failing to act as mandatory reporters. After being wrongfully accused of “mishandling narcotics,” Rodriguez won $3 million in a wrongful termination suit she filed in 2017 against the abortion corporation.

Recently, Rodriguez returned to her former place of employment to lead a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil kickoff.

Delivering a speech, the former Planned Parenthood worker stressed the power of prayer. Not only for the way it caused abortion patient rates to “drop drastically” when she worked at Planned Parenthood, but for helping her be where she is today. Rodriguez recalled watching her mother light candles and pray for her each time she saw Rodriguez leave to go work at the clinic. She also knew the people praying outside of the clinic, as they attended the same Mass as her.

But Rodriguez said no one ever treated her cruelly.

“Not once did anybody approach me in church and say, ‘Hey, we don’t want you here because you work for that place; we don’t want you here because you are killing babies,’ Rodriguez said. ‘I can see now that he was praying for me when he looked at me the way he did.'”

Started by Shawn Carney in 2007, 40 Days for Life conducts prayer vigils around the world. The organization has saved 16,500 lives, helping almost 200 abortion workers like Rodriguez leave their jobs. Since its founding in 2007, over 950 cities in 63 different countries have participated in 40 Days for Life campaigns to pray for clinic patients and staff, and for an end to abortion.

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