GoFundMe Withholds Money From Pro-Life Organization


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Laura Klassen, the founder of Choice42, recently announced that GoFundMe is preventing her organization from accessing necessary funds. The money that had been raised through the site was supposed to go to pregnant women in need of support. Instead, GoFundMe’s Trust and Security Team flagged the group’s account because “the intended recipient for [their] campaign’s donations was located in a country that is not supported by their payment processors.” 

Choice42 had raised over $2,700 to provide aid to mothers in the United States, Canada, and Zimbabwe. These funds were meant to cover hospital expenses, groceries, as well as cover the three mothers’ rent. 

“They wanted to know our action plan for getting the money to this woman [in Zimbabwe], which we promptly sent,” Klassen explained. “We went back and forth with them for about a week, and then we were told that the money was unlocked. It was not.”

Posting publicly about her dealings with GoFundMe on Facebook prompted an employee to email Klassen with an apology. The GoFundMe staff member explained there’s been issues because of the “very high volume of requests due to the COVID-19 crisis.” The worker explained the company did not have a way to call Klassen to sort this out, as all correspondence is handled through email. 

On top of video messaging campaigns that spread the pro-life message, Choice42 helps connected pregnant women to vital resources. So far, the pro-life group has still not been able to access the funds. Klassen said this is the first time her organization has encountered this problem when attempting to fundraise through the site. 

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