FL Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Parental Consent Bill Into Law


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SB 404 was passed by members in the Florida House and Senate back in February. The bill mandates that parental consent must be obtained before a minor can have an abortion in the state. Signed into law this month by Governor Ron DeSantis, the bill also strengthens protections for abortion survivors by including penalties for abortionists who do not provide them with lifesaving care. 

Sponsored by state Sen. Kelli Stargel and state Rep. Erin Grall, it’s expected that SB 404 will aid victims of human trafficking and abuse. Though the abortion industry has repeatedly fought against parental consent laws, clinics have a history of failing to act as mandatory reporters for minors being coerced into abortions. It has also been exposed, through the reporting of Live Action News, that Florida abortion clinics have a history of hiring predatory abortionists

The President of Florida Right to Life, Lynda Bell, issued a press release thanking the sponsor’s of the bill. 

“While we (the pro-life community) believe it to be unthinkable that a minor child can undergo an elective surgical procedure without a parent’s permission, pro-abortion organizations fought with zeal to stop this common-sense legislation,” Bell said. “Let’s look at areas where parental permission is required regarding children. An underage child must have permission to get their ears pierced, get a tattoo, take an aspirin, or go on a field trip with their school.”

Continuing, Bell stated:

“Logically, it is absurd that a child can be ushered off to an abortion clinic with no parental permission! In fact, abortion is the only elective surgical procedure that can be done without a parent’s permission.”

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