Inside Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Access Expansion Plan


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By Samantha Kamman, Columnist

“In order for people to be free and equal, they must be able to exercise complete autonomy over their bodies.” Here lies the reasoning behind Planned Parenthood’s recent decision to go on the offensive in their plan to expand abortion access. The irony seems to be lost on Planned Parenthood; their words are eerily similar to those of the organization’s founder, Margaret Sanger, a woman who met with the Ku Klux Klan and stacked Planned Parenthood’s board with eugenists. Sanger also advocated for the sterilization of those deemed to be “unfit.”

The word abortion is mentioned 244 times in the newly unveiled 114-page document “Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice.” So far, it has been endorsed by 80 pro-abortion groups, including the eugenist-founded Population Council, as well as the Guttmacher Institute. The document was published prior to the dismissal of Leana Wen from the organization for failing to prioritize its abortion services, which seems contradictory to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s claim that the group is a “non-profit health organization.”

Rewire, a pro-abortion website, has reported that the document will be “sent to progressive members of both the House and Senate” and “constituencies in different states.” The document reads as a “proactive policy agenda for a fully supportive Congress and Administration to advance sexual and reproductive health in the U.S. and around the world.” It focuses on five main points:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Care is Accessible to All People.
  • Discriminatory Barriers in Health Care are Eliminated.
  • Research and Innovation Advance Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Now and in the Future.
  • Health, Rights, Justice, and Wellness for All Communities.
  • Judges and Executive Officials Advance Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice 

The demands are centered on abortion rights, and the document even suggests eliminating pro-life protections. With the release of this document, it is clear that Planned Parenthood’s primary goal will always be to expand their abortion services under the guise of a legitimate healthcare organization.

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