J&J Chairman Praises China’s Covid “Response,” Which Killed Millions


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Exclusive: Johnson & Johnson, producer of the Covid-19 vaccine very early discovered to be dangerous and even (in some cases) deadly, has a branch in China—and its J&J China chair positively spun China’s pandemic handling in 2021.

Even outside of the Covid plandemic, J&J should not be doing business IN China, which is ruled by the genocidal and tyrannical Chinese Communist Party (CCP). A company that supposedly focuses on health should not be setting up shop in a country where live organ harvests, ethnic-based genocide, and torture of political prisoners are state policy. Furthermore, Chairman of Johnson & Johnson China and President of Johnson & Johnson Medical China Will Song should not have put a positive spin on China’s tyrannical Covid measures (put in place to deal with a virus which very strong evidence indicates was literally created in and leaked from a state-sanctioned lab in Wuhan)—but that’s just what he did, in March 2021.

According to the J&J website, Song said the following, after boasting about his experience with Covid in China and what J&J China did throughout the plandemic:

“I think one of the impacts of the pandemic on the China organization is that we have become even more connected to the global organization.

Because China was the first into the pandemic, first out of the pandemic and the first to recover, company leaders are reviewing our business recovery models and pandemic control efforts so they can apply them to other markets.”

The “first to recover?” The “first out of the pandemic?” The Chinese government lies all the time (and certainly lied about Covid), how can we trust anything the CCP says about Covid deaths, Covid recovery, or anything else? And how could we trust a company so beholden to the CCP for its operation? And this is a major executive for a company that produced one of the Covid vaccines supposedly so safe and effective. No wonder some of J&J’s own employees don’t trust the J&J vaccine. Johnson & Johnson is not a company I intend to trust with my life.

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