Kansas Bill Requires Women Be Informed About Abortion Pill Reversal


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By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

A bill recently passed in the Kansas House that would require a woman to be informed about a procedure involving the abortion reversal pill. House Bill 2274 states that abortion facilities could face a fine up to $10,000 if they do not inform women of the possibility of reversing the effects of an abortion pill. While the state’s Planned Parenthood branch opposed the bill, state Rep. John Eplee declared that the bill was “pro-woman,” and the bill would merely be ensuring women are fully informed about all their options.

The abortion pill reversal process was developed by Dr. Michael Harrison in 2007. According to Dr. Harrison, the treatment consists of  progesterone shots a woman must take within 72 hours of ingesting the first abortion pill, also known as RU486 or mifepristone.” The purpose of the abortion pill is to block nutrients to the baby and prevent the woman from creating progesterone. Dr. Harrison’s treatment puts the hormone into the woman’s system and the added progesterone, combined with what she already makes, is enough to stop the abortion pill from working.

In terms of success, a 66% survival rate in the first of seven patients of Dr. George Delgado and Dr. Mary Davenport who underwent the progesterone treatment was documented in  Progesterone Use to Reverse the Effects of Mifepristone in 2012. A study published in Issues in Law and Medicine medical journal found 68% of women who changed their mind about their abortion and started the abortion pill reversal treatment in time delivered healthy babies.

The Kansas bill is similar to legislation we have seen in Idaho, South Dakota, Utah, and Arkansas that required abortion clinics to inform women about the pill that could save their baby’s life. Arizona attempted to pass a law like this in 2015, but Planned Parenthood sued in order to stop their clinics from telling women about this option.

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