THESE GOP Reps Voted to Remove Offensive Statues from DC

The House of Representatives has voted in favor of removing Confederate and ‘pro-slavery’ statues from the US Capitol. A bust of former US Chief Justice Roger Taney and statues of Jefferson Davis will be included in the removal. Taney is infamous for his decision in the Dred Scott v. Sandford Supreme Court case. At the […]

POLL: 3 in 4 Republicans Hope Trump Plays a HUGE Role in the GOP Moving Forward

A Quinnipiac University national poll conducted last week shows that nearly three in four Republican respondents hope President Donald Trump sticks around with the GOP. The newly recorded data is somewhat unsurprising, as conservatives across the country are feeling nostalgic, reminiscent of a buzzing Trump-led economy that seems like it was so long ago. The […]

New Poll Shows Hypothetical Trump-led ‘Patriot Party’ Crushing the GOP in 2024

A newly released poll from JustTheNews and Scott Rasmussen shows a hypothetical ‘Patriot Party’ led by Donald Trump would win 23% of the vote – six points more than the GOP – in 2024. Among “very conservative” voters, a substantial portion of the Republican electorate, the Trump party beat out the GOP 55%-24%. Why it’s […]

REMITTANCES: The Hidden $148B Cost of Immigration

Longstanding citizens of the United States spend their earnings close to home.  It’s no shock that most of us eat at eat at local restaurants, support local schools, and shop at local markets.  Our hard work blesses our communities.   Again and again, we’ve been told that immigration is great for our economy.  “Businesses need more […]

Democrat Relief Package Loaded With Leftist Priorities, House Resolution Helps House Dems

The United States Congress continues its partisanship during the coronavirus epidemic. Recently, House Democrats approved another coronavirus relief bill. H.R. 6800, named The HEROES Act, is a $3 trillion bill that includes many leftist priorities. For example, there is a mail-in voting provision that does not require any voter ID. Democrats claim that this method […]