SHOCKING: FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-A-Lago: Everything We Know

picutres of fbi raiding home of donald j. trump

In a shocking move, the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed an unprecedented search warrant of former President Trump’s primary residence in Palm Beach, Florida.   Agents raided Mar-A-Lago on Monday.  According to Trump, the raiding agents even entered his personal safe.  According to the AP, the reason agents engaged in the raid was to see whether […]

GOP Congresswoman Jackie Walorski Killed in Head-On Crash

Republican United States Congresswoman Jackie Walorski was killed Wednesday afternoon in a tragic car accident in Indiana. Walorski was 58 years old. Daily Wire reports: The crash happened in Elkhart County when a “northbound passenger car traveled left of center and collided head on with a southbound vehicle,” WSBT reporter Erica Finke tweeted. “Walorski, Zachary […]

WATCH: Stefanik SLAMS Partisan J6 Committee

Thursday, the partisan House January 6 committee held its first “primetime” hearing on the events at the Capitol in January 2021. During the sham committee’s hearing, nothing new was uncovered, except for some speculation from Liz Cheney that President Trump “may be” guilty of federal crimes. The propaganda committee breaks nearly 200 years of precedent […]

Trump Supporters SHOCKED by This Endorsement

Reported by 100 Percent Fed Up Yesterday, President Trump may have cemented his position as the kingmaker of the Republican Party after Dave McCormick conceded in the Pennsylvania Senate Primary, making Trump-endorsed Mehmet Oz the nominee. Oz’s victory brings Trump’s success rate for primary endorsements up to 93% for the 2022 primaries.  President Trump followed […]

NEW Project Veritas Clip Exposes RINO Candidate: “[Republicans] Should All Be Thrown in Prison” (FULL VIDEO)

Time and time again, conservatives across the country have been used by weak Republican candidates to get elected. On the campaign trail, we see one thing: an America First fighter. But in D.C., we see the reality of the candidates we donate to and vote for on election day… weak, spineless opponents of REAL conservative […]

Build Back BROKE-R: Here’s What The Dems’ Socialist Bill Really Costs YOU

The Democrats’ long-awaited (or dreaded) “Build Back Better” bill passed the House along party lines Friday after a long fight against the bill from Republicans. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke on the House floor for eight hours yesterday attempting to postpone the vote, but the Democrats got their chance Friday. The only Democrat […]

THESE GOP Reps Voted to Remove Offensive Statues from DC

The House of Representatives has voted in favor of removing Confederate and ‘pro-slavery’ statues from the US Capitol. A bust of former US Chief Justice Roger Taney and statues of Jefferson Davis will be included in the removal. Taney is infamous for his decision in the Dred Scott v. Sandford Supreme Court case. At the […]

JUST ANOTHER WEEKEND FOR POTUS: Biden Has Vacationed 14 Times During Presidency

“He thinks of (the White House) more like a Monday-through-Friday kind of place.”

POLL: 3 in 4 Republicans Hope Trump Plays a HUGE Role in the GOP Moving Forward

A Quinnipiac University national poll conducted last week shows that nearly three in four Republican respondents hope President Donald Trump sticks around with the GOP. The newly recorded data is somewhat unsurprising, as conservatives across the country are feeling nostalgic, reminiscent of a buzzing Trump-led economy that seems like it was so long ago. The […]

New Poll Shows Hypothetical Trump-led ‘Patriot Party’ Crushing the GOP in 2024

A newly released poll from JustTheNews and Scott Rasmussen shows a hypothetical ‘Patriot Party’ led by Donald Trump would win 23% of the vote – six points more than the GOP – in 2024. Among “very conservative” voters, a substantial portion of the Republican electorate, the Trump party beat out the GOP 55%-24%. Why it’s […]