Pete Buttigieg States He Supports No Limits on Late-Term Abortion


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The Democrat Party has gone very far left on the issue of abortion. Democrats used to claim abortion was an unfortunate choice and that it should be ‘safe, legal, and rare’. Today, most of the 2020 Democrats candidates support few limits on abortion, if any. Even worse, Bernie Sanders would make pro-life Americans violate their consciences because he wants to fully fund Planned Parenthood and include abortion under Medicare for All. The far-left goes beyond permitting people to get abortions if they so desire by forcing others who abhor abortion to fund it with their taxes.

Democrats also paint pro-lifers as anti-woman, despite the fact that 51% of women polled in 2019 identified as pro-life. Pete Buttigieg, who likes to present himself as a moderate, is no moderate when it comes to abortion. He recently mentioned on The View that he supports late-term abortions, and did not condemn partial-birth abortions either. Meghan McCain told Buttigieg “This is going to hurt you in the middle of the country with the Republicans you’re trying to win over. Quite frankly, that answer was just as radical as I thought it was, sorry.”

While progressives claim most Americans are pro-choice, a majority of them do not agree with the far left’s stance on the issue. 66% of pro-choice Americans oppose third-trimester abortions, along with 68% who oppose abortion the day before a baby is born. Kristen Day, a pro-life Democrat, spoke about how the Democrat Party is losing important votes through its extreme stance on abortion. She argues that Democratic voters in conservative states including Louisiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky dislike President Trump but at least agree with his pro-life stance. The Democrats running for the 2020 election are, generally speaking, not willing to compromise on the abortion issue. This surely cannot help them gain a wider coalition. Day specifically asked Pete Buttigieg if there was room for pro-lifers in his coalition. Buttigieg did not directly answer the question and reiterated his strong support for abortion.

Democrats such as Pete Buttigieg are catering to the far-left base by taking such extreme views on abortion. If the Democratic nominee maintains this view in the general election, it will isolate moderate voters and give President Trump a strong line of attack. The pro-life movement will grow stronger if the Democrats continue advocating for positions on abortion that go beyond what many Americans find acceptable.

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