Planned Parenthood Suing CMP Journalists for Recording Event Already on Film


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Although the mainstream media fails to cover the events, Planned Parenthood’s suit against the The Center for Medical Progress continues to drag on. CMP investigator David Daleiden recently took the stand again during Planned Parenthood v. The Center for Medical Progress trial, with defense attorneys pointing out a severe inconsistency in Planned Parenthood’s case against the undercover journalists. PP has claimed in their civil suit that CMP journalists were in breach of contract because they illegally recorded confidential information. Except, Planned Parenthood’s privacy concerns are rather inconsistent, as not only was recording not prohibited during the 2015 National Conference, but the entire event had been recorded by Planned Parenthood.

The defense presented the jury with a photograph of a sign displayed at the National Conference, which read:

Planned Parenthood is photographing and/or recording this event and all attendees. By entering, you agree to allow Planned Parenthood to take pictures and video of you and to use those images for any purpose, including advertising purposes, to promote the Planned Parenthood mission. If you have any concerns about this, please let our staff know or feel free to exit the premises.

Writing “scientific research programs” on the non-disclosure agreement he was sent before meeting with Melissa Farrell, Daleiden limited what parts of their conversation could be considered confidential. If Farrell intended for anything to be kept confidential, she would’ve had to identify it as such. Daleiden was also careful to only film at clinics located in states with one-party consent laws. This means only one person in the conversation must give consent to being recorded.

Stricken from the record by Judge William Orrick was Daleiden’s testimony that JR Gladstone, a research coordinator at Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, showed Daleiden patient records. Patient files are protected by HIPAA laws, meaning the abortion provider may have illegally breached the privacy of their patients. This indicates Planned Parenthood isn’t as concerned with confidentiality as they claim if they’re willing to break the law by sharing patient records.

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