SB22: Texas Passes Bill Banning Funding for Abortion Providers


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By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

A recent Texas bill sponsored by Republican Senator Donna Campbell would ban state and local governments from funding abortion providers. Senate Bill 22 will ban “…a sale, purchase, lease, donation of money, goods, services, or real property, or any other transaction between a governmental entity and a private entity that provides to the private entity something of value derived directly or indirectly from state or local tax revenue, regardless of whether the governmental entity receives something of value in return.” The bill will move onto the House where it is expected to pass with a Republican majority.

This is not the first time Texas has made an effort to reduce taxpayer support of groups like Planned Parenthood. In 2011, Texas legislature slashed its family planning budget by two-thirds, and Campbell aims to further this with her bill. Campbell and her supporters have stated their goal is to eliminate the “sweetheart rent deals” abortion providers have within certain communities. Citing an example of a rental agreement a Planned Parenthood in Austin has of $1 per year, Campbell said:

“Now I don’t know anyone who can get that kind of real estate in Austin.”

Abortion advocates pushed back against the bill, claiming that some abortion centers provide other healthcare services, and this bill would impact the partnership those centers had with the government. However, the facilities’ funding for healthcare services is often funneled into their abortion business, with Planned Parenthood receiving over $500 million a year in taxpayer money.

Despite several voices of dissent, Lt. Governor Don Patrick is supportive of the bill:

There is nothing more important than defending the defenseless. Senate Bill 22, authored by Sen. Campbell, will continue Texas’ commitment to defend the most vulnerable in our society and preserve the sanctity of life. Senate Bill 22 protects Texas taxpayers and affirms Texas’ commitment to protecting life. I strongly support this legislation and congratulate Sen. Campbell for carrying this important bill.

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