Sleepy Joe’s Unofficial Shortlist for VP


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There is still a handful of names that could make a run, but it has been Joe Biden’s race to lose since he announced his candidacy earlier this year. While Biden has publicly hinted at a number of female VP possibilities in the past few months, including a number of the following listed below, he has a plethora of left-wing media darling options at his disposal. Here are a couple possible names you might see on a Biden ticket in 2020.

Stacey Abrams (Representative from 2011-2017)

Why it could happen: In today’s identity-dominated democratic landscape, intersectionality is the top priority for left-wing candidates. With Biden being an old, white, rich, christian male he boasts one of the lowest ‘intersectionality’ scores in the field. Wisconsin native Stacey Abrams, a black woman, would certainly help bring much needed diversity to his ticket. Abrams also served as a congresswoman in Georgia, a state that Trump won by just 5% in 2016. Currently, the Georgian population has a net negative opinion of the President. If Biden’s team believes Abrams gives them a real shot at flipping the peach state, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her get the the nod.

Sally Yates (Deputy Attorney General from 2015-2017)

Why it could happen: Sally Yates was chosen by the Obama administration to work as the deputy Attorney General in 2015. Yates is most well known for her refusal to defend Trump’s travel ban for certain Middle Eastern countries. This executive order was received very poorly by the democratic base and unsettled many independents. Yates’ refusal to defend the action and her subsequent firing makes her a martyr for a cause that could rally Biden’s base and even get independents out to vote. Yates has also been more free of controversy from Democrats since she hasn’t been a public figure recently. This means that adding her name to the ticket won’t lose Biden any votes, like more controversial choices might, such as Beto or Kamala.

Pete Buttigieg (Southbend, IN Mayor 2012-Present, candidate for President)

Why it could happen: While Mayor Pete fails the intersectional litmus test from the standpoint of both his Y chromosome and his race, he is forty years younger than Biden and is an openly gay and married man. Buttigieg serves as a strong counterpart for Biden for these reasons, and a multitude of others. Buttigieg, a Rhodes Scholar, is arguably the most intelligent candidate running for the democratic nomination, a nice change of pace considering Biden has been attacked for his routine lack of mental acuity. Buttigieg is also a veteran, which will undoubtedly motivate voters to get out and vote on election day.

Michelle Obama (First Lady, 2008-2016)

Why it could happen: Even though Sleepy Joe has joked about making Michelle his Vice President, this one is a bit of a stretch. Despite Biden’s best efforts, the American public knows full well that Obama is not the biggest fan of his campaign. Mrs. Obama would seemingly be going against her husband’s wishes if she were to join the ticket. With that being said, the former FLOTUS might be the only choice that should actually scare republicans. Michelle checks the boxes from an intersectionality standpoint, and she also has more name recognition than any other potential candidate.

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