Build Back BROKE-R: Here’s What The Dems’ Socialist Bill Really Costs YOU

The Democrats’ long-awaited (or dreaded) “Build Back Better” bill passed the House along party lines Friday after a long fight against the bill from Republicans. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke on the House floor for eight hours yesterday attempting to postpone the vote, but the Democrats got their chance Friday. The only Democrat […]

A Loss for Socialism is a Win for America

Super Tuesday is often considered the true beginning of the primary season. The states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada lead it off, but with such a limited number of delegates, they don’t serve as much more than a momentum builder. Nonetheless, after Bernie Sanders won each of these by a significant margin, America was […]

Why “Socialism Sucks” is NOT a Working Pitch for Conservatives in 2020

Socialism is evil. Beyond the fiscal and economic havoc it wreaks on a nation, it is morally bankrupt. Taking money at gunpoint to redistribute is not compassion, it is theft; charity is always better when done voluntarily. You have a right to your capital and the work of your labor. Communist and socialist regimes like […]