The Pro-Life Movement is Taking Over Times Square


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By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

NYC — At the very center of New York City, pro-life groups are working tirelessly to promote their cause.

Their actions are motivated by a radical pro-abortion bill signed by Andrew Cuomo that allows third-trimester abortions and strips away protections for babies who survive botched abortions by rescinding a portion of New York’s Public Health Law. But the legislation may have had the opposite effect of what it intended, as a recent Marist Poll has seen the number of Democrats who identify as pro-life jump from 20 to 34 percent. The pro-life groups that have gathered in Times Square are determined to continue to change hearts and minds by spreading their life-giving message.

Standing beneath a jumbotron stating that the “pro-life generation has arrived,” the Students for Life of America held up pro-life signs and chains of crosses. The crosses represent the 900 children that are killed daily at Planned Parenthood clinics, and behind the students were signs that depicted the lies Planned Parenthood tells to downplay their role in performing abortions. The SFLA refers to this as their “Planned Parenthood Truth Tour,” and the group is committed to engaging in productive dialogue.

The president of SFLA, Kristan Hawkins, said of the outreach the group is promoting:

“Just because they passed this bill doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t engage. In fact, this tells us we need to engage even more heavily in New York State. And so that was really the idea of let’s do more than just going and having a gala. Let’s have a billboard. … Let’s show New York State that you know, we are the pro-life generation and we’re not afraid by their abortion extremism. Let’s just show the world they’re in the minority on this.”

Next month, the pro-life group, Focus on the Family, will also appear in Times Square on May 4th. The group will broadcast a live 4D ultrasound on jumbotrons. It is expected that 10,000 people will attend.

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