THIS House Republican Introduced a Bill BANNING Kamala from Int’l Travel Until She Visits the Southern Border


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Iowa Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson appeared on the House floor Monday to press for legislation that would bar Vice President Harris from taxpayer-funded international travel until she visits the southern border first.

Harris, whom President Biden deputized to lead efforts in Central America to eradicate the “root causes” of the massive waves of illegal immigrants heading from there to the U.S. border, has faced strong Republican criticism for not visiting the border.

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“This crisis is worsening by the day. Yet, the vice president has refused to go to the border herself and talk to the brave law enforcement officers, the men and women who are fighting this on the frontlines. This out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach is a disgrace,” Hinson said on the House floor.

“She’s been to yarn shops, she’s been to bakeries, and she just flew right over the crisis at our southern border to meet with foreign countries with the taxpayer’s checkbook in hand. When asked why she hasn’t visited the border, she laughed. She laughed, and this is no laughing matter. The border crisis impacts the safety and security of every Iowan, of every American. Every state is a border state right now.”

The White House repeatedly has made the point that Harris was put in charge of addressing the reasons why migrants are leaving their homes, not border security itself. The vice president flew to Guatemala and Mexico last week to address issues like corruption and economic reform as part of the administration’s effort to eliminate the causes of migration [FOX].

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