TIP OF THE ICEBERG: Gates Foundation’s Sr. Advisor and Former CEO is on Pfizer’s Board of Directors


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Exclusive: Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann, current Senior Advisor, Board member and former CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also on the Board of Directors for Pfizer, which developed one of the major Covid “vaccines” being pushed so aggressively on America and the world by globalists and leftists.

Desmond-Hellmann has connections to numerous major organizations with a global impact.  She served as Director of Facebook, Inc. from 2013 to 2019—strange that an oncologist and professor should have been director for one of the most influential social media corporations.  She served as first female Chancellor of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), 2009-2014, and she is still an adjunct professor there.  While she is no longer in charge of UCSF, the entire college may be considered suspect in its ties—in mid-2020, a Chinese medical scientist at UCSF, Xin Wang, was arrested for visa fraud after it was discovered he had not put on his visa that “he is an active-duty member of China’s armed forces”.

Desmond-Hellmann also served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2014-2020.  The Gates Foundation describes itself as “a nonprofit fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world.”  Again, however, there are questionable ties for this “nonprofit’s” founders—Bill Gates has served as an advisor for a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda group and donated to a media org in partnership with Chinese state-run media outlets.  Dr. Desmond-Hellmann still remains as a Senior Advisor and Board member of the Gates Medical Research Institute for the Gates Foundation.

In fact, as recently as May 12, 2021, the Gates Foundation was touting the “findings” of the Postsecondary Value Commission regarding what it calls “confirming wide-ranging disparity in the value of a postsecondary education in terms of race, income and gender.”  One of the two co-chairs for this Postsecondary Value Commission, which the Gates Foundation says it supports, is none other than “Sue Desmond-Hellmann, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Desmond-Hellmann, of the Gates Foundation (“nonprofit”), is also a significant figure at another major organization— Pfizer.  It is interesting that the Gates Foundation is pushing the Covid vaccines so strenuously while one of the Senior Advisors and Board members is on the Board of Directors for Pfizer too.  In fact, Pfizer was one of 15 “life science companies” the Gates Foundation partnered with in March 2020 “to speed up the development and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and treatments.”

Unsurprisingly, in September, Bill Gates expressed his belief that Pfizer would be the first to get emergency approval for a Covid vaccine, according to a September 2020 article in the New York Post.  The Gates Foundation also owns stock in Pfizer.

On April 2, 2020, Pfizer “announced the election of Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.  Dr. Desmond-Hellmann, age 62, was also appointed to the Governance & Sustainability Committee and the Science and Technology Committee of Pfizer’s Board.”  The Gates Foundation’s Desmond-Hellmann was appointed to the Pfizer Board the very month after the two organizations partnered in relation to a potential Covid vaccine.

Pfizer is the developer of one of the most infamous Covid-19 experimental “vaccines.”  An April 2021 report from the Israeli People Committee (IPC), “a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts,” studied “the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects indicating damage to almost every system in the human body. If the findings by IPC are genuine, then Pfizer vaccine is linked to more deaths in Israel than AstraZeneca’s in the whole of Europe. The findings are catastrophic on every possible level.”  The IPC declared “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.”  And a newly leaked Pfizer study from the EMA reveals that the vaccine’s “particles are hugely sequestered into the ovaries,” indicating there may be serious consequences for women in particular from the shot.  Yet the European Union (EU) just approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds.

Tellingly, the study date determining the “SAFETY, TOLERABILITY, IMMUNOGENICITY, AND EFFICACY OF SARS-COV-2 RNA VACCINE” for Pfizer (i.e. the necessary study/trial period to determine what effects the vaccine has on people and if the vaccine is safe) is not set to end until April 6, 2023!  Yet the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was available to certain groups of the public in the US in early December, 2020.

In November 2020, the Gates Foundation made pledges totaling $70 million to ensure more widespread, cheaper, and easier Covid-19 vaccination worldwide.  It seems unsurprising that the Gates Foundation would have a vested interest in pushing the Covid vaccines, since their influential Senior Advisor/Board Member is a “Pfizer Director” and they have been partnered with Pfizer specifically to develop this experimental vaccine.

As usual, there is an open conspiracy going on, spanning the entire globe, where the elitists try to force the people to accept the consequences of the elite’s terrible decisions which nevertheless bring them money and power.  Dr. Desmond-Hellmann is just one example of how connected Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Education, Big Government, and all the rest are, and how deep the corruption runs.

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