WATCH: Cuomo BLAMES Accusers (and Trump) for Scandals


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For the first time since last November, Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a rare in-person press conference today at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse regarding New York’s reopening. 

During the Q&A session, Gov. Cuomo denied all of his scandals, including mounting sexual harassment allegations and his infamous nursing home disaster.

Now, with the media covering up the truth, THIS is what the Governor has to say about his accusers:

“People are venial. People want attention. People are angry. People are jealous.’’

CLIP (via New York Post):

Cuomo’s main points

Sexual Harassment:

  • He denied any wrongdoing despite the growing lists of accusers: “To put it very simply, ‘no.’”

  • When asked if he would resign should Attorney General Leticia James’ investigation prove otherwise, he replied, “The report can’t say anything different because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

  • He also said he does not regret inviting his female aides to meet him regardless of many allegations. He allegedly harassed them at his office and even groped one woman at his Executive Mansion. 

  • Instead, he is proud to “have more women in senior positions than ever before” and ”think(s) that’s a good thing.”

Nursing homes:

  • Gov. Cuomo still blames the nursing home scandals on “politics of COVID,” saying Trump’s delay in addressing COVID-19 is the leading cause of death.

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