WATCH: Portnoy Shreds Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on Twitter Livestream


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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"You manipulated that stock price… You cratered it."

“You manipulated that stock price… You cratered it.”

Tuesday night at 9:00 PM eastern, Barstool Sports founder and day trader Dave Portnoy started a hosted live stream with Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev.

Portnoy lost a considerable amount of cash in the Robinhood ‘meme stock’ debacle, when the company closed trading for certain stocks.

Portnoy, who goes by ‘Davey Day Trader,’ poked and prodded Tenev for answers during the live stream, mostly yielding run-on sentences.

Tenev’s main defense is that his firm made its decision to abruptly halt trading on GameStop ($GME) and AMC Entertainment ($AMC) due to a ‘liquidity’ issue.


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