‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Critics Accuse Film of ‘Racism Against Arabs’


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On Christmas, HBO Max released the newest DC Extended Universe movie, Wonder Woman 1984. The new Wonder Woman received mixed reviews from critics, but with a 72% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes overall, it has been touted as a good film.

However, many critics have not slammed Wonder Woman 1984 for its writing flaws or confusing plot, instead claiming Wonder Woman is “racist towards Arabs.”

Pakistani actor Ahmed Ali Akbar claimed he “was stunned with how racist the film was.” Akbar continued in a tweet: “WW84 is that type of white feminist movie where a white man from Jim Crow-era segregation is the best man humanity has ever known, but the Arab men are fanatic bigots desiring a border wall and Latino men are wife beaters & megalomonics.”

Akbars claim is completely false. The second Wonder Woman was not set in the “Jim Crow-era.” It was set in 1984, which is exactly 20 years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law.

The news site “TheNewArab”’ also claimed the film was racist. In a scene where Wonder Woman saves three children from being run over, TheNewArab compares this to “Israeli forces killing four Palestinian children as they played football on a Gaza beach in 2014.”

It should be noted that “TheNewArab” has criticized Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot for her service in the Israeli military, as well as her casting as Cleopatra.

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