1.2M Californians Have Signed ‘Recall Newsom’ Petition: Here’s How the Petition Can Make the Ballot Deadline


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As Governor Gavin Newsom dines at upscale restaurants with his elite cronies, Californians are being forced to stay inside and isolate under his authoritarian fist.

As of Monday, 1.2 million of the state’s voters have signed the ‘Recall Newsom’ petition, WSJ reports.

Why it’s news:

That is just 300,000 shy of the required 1.5 million signatures for a petition to be put on the ballot in California. The Recall Newsom movement has also reported $1.7M in donations.

  • With growing momentum and substantial financial backing, the petition has a great shot to make it past the March ballot deadline with the necessary number of signatures.

The history:

Only one governor has been recalled in California’s history.

  • 2003: Democrat Gray Davis was replaced by “Terminator” star and famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) in the California gubernatorial recall election.

The Fallout:

Should the Recall Newsom petition make its way past the March deadline unscathed, the vote would occur next fall.

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