ADORABLE MOMENT During Kari Lake’s RNC Hispanic Center Appearance in Phoenix

During a visit to the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic Community Center in South Phoenix, Arizona, Kari Lake gave remarks, celebrating the GOP as the party of the American Dream. During the event, an adorable moment was caught on camera and later featured in a newly-released campaign ad (included below). “The Republican Party is the party […]

PA Gov. Candidate Doug Mastriano Promises Law & Order After Wawa Ransack

philadelphia wawa ransacked by criminal youths

Republican Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano promised to bring law and order back to the city of Philadelphia if elected governor.  In a Tweet, Mastriano referenced a weekend news story where a local convenience store was ransacked by a giant, lawless group of youths in Philadelphia. “Imagine stopping in to pay for gas or buy […]

Ohio Senate Candidate: “We’ve Gotta Kill” Conservatism

Failed Presidential candidate and current Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan (D) called into MSNBC early Wednesday morning for a chat with Joe Scarborough. Ryan, a Congressman currently, billed himself as a moderate in the audio aired, despite voting as reliably as any with Joe Biden’s agenda. Later on in his monologue, his truer colors – […]

AZ Democrat Gov Candidate REFUSES to Debate MAGA Star Kari Lake

kari lake vs katie hobbs

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs is refusing to debate rising Republican star and gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake.  The Hobbs campaign issued a statement through campaign manager Nicole DeMont, saying, “…debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake – whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule […]

Biden & Fetterman BOTH Struggle Through Simple Sentences [WATCH]

fetterman and joe biden at campaign events

Representatives of the Democratic Party have struggled to complete sentences the last few weeks, with both the Commander in Chief and Pennsylvania Senate Candidate botching public speaking appearances.  At a United Steelworkers event, Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s sentence structures seemed to be scrambled.  “…Send me to Washington DC to send – so I can […]

DeSantis Leads Trump in Betting Markets for GOP Nomination

ron desantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads former President Donald J. Trump in the betting markets for the GOP nomination. DeSantis is up 4 points on the former President, with a small to moderate volume of betting during the first few days of September. Since August 7th, the sunshine state governor has held a slim lead after […]

Joe Biden Calls “MAGA Republicans” a Threat to Democracy

joe biden calling maga americans threat to democracy

The Biden administration has taken rhetoric to a new level, labeling all conservatives with ties to Donald Trump as “MAGA Republicans” who are a “threat to democracy.” Both the President himself and his staff have begun a verbal campaign against “MAGA Republicans,” even positioning these conservatives as domestic terrorists. In a speech on August 25th, […]

DNC Advisor Calls Republicans “Domestic Terrorist Cell”

dnc advisor calls republicans domestic terrorists

A DNC advisor agreed with Biden’s decision to label conservatives as a threat to democracy and pushed it one step further: calling Republicans “domestic terrorists.” Kurt Bardella, an advisor to the Democratic Party and a contributor to USA Today, made his case for Republicans being a “domestic terrorist cell operating in America”: “Joe Biden has […]