Abortion Advocates BURN Mexico City Cathedral


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During a protest pushing for the legalization of abortion in Mexico, pro-choice advocates attempted to burn down the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and a government building. Protecting the entrance to the cathedral were Catholics who attempted to prevent the arsonists from storming into the cathedral and vandalizing it further. Fortunately, firefighters were able to put the flames out, and the police managed to keep the ‘activists’ from causing more damage to property or other bystanders.

When the fires started alongside other acts of vandalism, about 1,200 abortion activists were marching in Mexico City in support of reproductive rights. Abortion laws differ from state to state in Mexico, but they are legal up to 12 weeks in Mexico City.

The state of Oaxaca recently legalized abortions up until this point. While abortion is illegal or restricted in other states, a bill is currently being debated that would legalize abortion up to 12 weeks all throughout Mexico.

It is worth noting that pre-born children at 12 weeks have the ability to move their fingers and toes, and can even respond to touch. Not only are their livers and kidneys functioning, but their hearts have been beating since 16-21 days after fertilization. These are the infants that would no longer be protected if the bill passes.

The fires started at the cathedral and the city Chamber of Commerce are an example of the rise in violence being committed against pro-lifers. From abortion facility escorts assaulting pro-lifers outside of clinics, we have also seen abortion advocates attacking pro-lifers on college campuses and committing acts of vandalism on pregnancy resource centers. No matter one’s beliefs on abortion, violence is never the appropriate response, and no one deserves to be in a situation where they fear they may be physically harmed.

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