‘Abortionist for the Stars’ Botches ANOTHER Procedure, Injures Patient Carrying Twins


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The Pro-Choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California was forced to call an ambulance on August 6, 2019 after a 39-year-old patient began hemorrhaging. The unnamed woman had visited the facility for a D & E abortion on her 18-week old pre-born twins. Owned by Josepha Seletz, the clinic has a reputation for servicing the rich and famous, but the facility is also known for performing late-term abortions. This incident is also not the first time a patient at Seletz’s clinic has required emergency medical assistance.

Abortion risks increase with each passing week of pregnancy, and ambulances have been called to this facility for patient’s suffering from severe bleeding or other complications. The most recent case involving the 39-year-old woman saw Seletz’s clinic neglect to call emergency services until an hour had passed since the woman’s abortion. Emergency personnell discovered the woman lying on the surgical table in a pool of blood after she had undergone a dismemberment abortion.

The procedure this woman underwent likely involved the abortionist grasping and tearing the limbs from the 18-week old twins before crushing their skulls. This type of abortion carries significant risk. The removal of the dismembered children means broken fetal bones may puncture the woman’s uterus, and excessive bleeding and hemorrhaging are also a possible outcome.

The side-effects of abortion can be devastating. Before women enter the Pro-Choice Medical Center, women deserve to know the truth about these procedures, as well as the practices of this clinic that have put women in danger.

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